• Welcome to CLAS Research!

    Welcome to CLAS Research!

    CLAS Research is a research platform that gathers prestigious scholars from Georgetown University to showcase cutting-edge research on topics relating to Latin America.

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  • Comparative Peace Processes

    Comparative Peace Processes

    The present study analyzes the evolution of the Colombian armed conflict and the subsequent peace processes through a comparative historical perspective. Also included in the project is a comparative analysis of peace processes elsewhere in Latin America, designed to increase students' awareness of the implications of peace initiatives in the region.

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  • Collaborative Research in Antrophology

    Collaborative Research in Antrophology

    Joanne Rapppaport examines the dynamics of early and contemporary collaborative research teams in Latin America.

  • 19th Century Latin America

    19th Century Latin America

    A review of the latest scholarship in the field of 19th Century Latin America. Some of the topics involved: Argentina and Chile: path to independence; Slave Trade in Brazil; Social Banditry in Brazil. Project Director: Bryan Mccann.

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  • Organized Crime and Criminal Economies

    Organized Crime and Criminal Economies

    Criminal organizations pervade Latin American societies, presenting challenges to governments at all levels. In several countries criminal organizations engage in high levels of violence, both among themselves and with respect to civil society. This project analyzes the dynamics of organized crime and criminal economies in order to develop more useful hypotheses and theories that can account for behavior as well as propose policies and programs for governments and civil society.

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  •  Mexican Independence and the Transformation of North America, 1800-1860

    Mexican Independence and the Transformation of North America, 1800-1860

    Professor John Tutino's book, "Remaking the New World: Bajío Revolution, Mexican Independence, and the Transformation of North America, 1800-1860" analyzes how the capitalist dynamism that drove production in this key region of New Spain collapsed in a revolutionary transformation amid the wars for independence that created Mexico.

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  • Politics of Labor Regulation

    Politics of Labor Regulation

    Focusing his research on the Latin American region, Fr. Matthew Carnes, S.J. examines the dynamics of labor and social welfare policy, with particular interest in the ways societies protect their weakest and most vulnerable members: the old, the young, the ill or injured, and the unemployed.

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  • Regional Peace Dialogues in Colombia

    Regional Peace Dialogues in Colombia

    The first regional dialogue took place in Popayan, Cauca in 2014.

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About Us

The Center for Latin American Studies was one of the first of its kind in the United States.  Its core faculty bring together diverse scholarly interests with a focus on Latin America while faculty drawn from the Washington, D.C. area supplement their offerings.  In addition, the center regularly welcomes visiting researchers from both the United States and Latin America.  ¡CLAS Action!, a weekly online newsletter, connects students to networking opportunities, job offerings, and events.  The center also sponsors summer study programs in Brazil, Chile and Colombia.  Its vast connections in Latin America and Washington, D.C. presents students with a unique environment to pursue their interests.  Besides offering a prestigious Master's program, the center also conducts quality research in topics relating to Latin America.

CLAS Research is a research platform that gathers prestigious scholars from Georgetown University to showcase cutting-edge research on topics relating to Latin America. Through an interdisciplinary approach, CLAS attempts to improve an academic understanding of the region as well as engage in the solution of pressing contemporary issues.  CLAS Research supports collaborative academic research with other universities and research centers, publishes original research, and promotes research projects.  Students are encouraged to further their research interests by publishing their work or participating in independent studies and research assistantships.  

CLAS Research

CLAS promotes high quality research on Latin America through an interdisciplinary collaboration.  Our vision as a research center is to improve an academic understanding of the region as well as engage in the solution of pressing contemporary issues.  

We guide ourselves by 4 main principles: 

Innovation. We are committed to cutting-edge research, combining interdisciplinary work with the quality and experience of Georgetown University researchers.

Instruction. We believe that the only way to accomplish our goals is by preparing the new generation of researchers.  Young investigators are taught by our senior faculty where they contribute with enthusiasm, ambition and fresh perspectives.  The result is that CLAS, the Georgetown community, and partner institutions are able to count on professionals specialized in the most varied topics related to the Latin American region.

Involvement. We understand that passion and full engagement on behalf of our researchers is necessary in order to achieve the level of innovation that we seek to produce.  Motivated by our desire to truly change society through informed research, we push ourselves to work with endless dedication.

Improvement. We believe that research and discovery are the keys to progress in all communities.  In this regard, we are dedicated to studying the past so that we may understand the present and be part of forming the future. 

For questions please contact:

Nicolas Albertoni

CLAS Research Coordinator


202 - 687 - 0140